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Alice Krueger

Dennis & Kailee Sievert

The Shields Family

Rhiannon Zura

Lyndsey Mager

Matt Beck

Dwain Shay

Mary Jurgens


Children’s Miracle Network

Payson Manneke

The Hoover Children

Children’s Miracle Network

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Connor & Summer

Joyce Schuster

The Winges Family

Kat Naber

Kathy Scott

Marissa Corado

Matt Gilbride

Cami Kuchta

Kristi Butler

Alex Van Beek

The Hoeks Family

Children’s Home Society

Matthew Lebahn


Thank you so much for the kind and generous gift. It is greatly appreciated more than you know. Keep up the good work you are doing.

Ardis Tiggelaar

Folks at the Rush for the Causes, I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to all at the Rush that helped make this happen. The check help me pay a couple of bills that I was not sure how is going to be able to pay. It's really a good thing that you all do. It helps restore my faith in humanity. I appreciate it so much!

Dusty Lasich

Steph and the Rush for the Causes, Thank you so much for showing so much kindness to our family! We truly appreciate your gifts. We have lost so much, but your gift will help us replace some of these items. Thanks also for the clothing for Ryker, it was a big help. Because of the kind people like you, this ordeal has been manageable. Our hearts are full. Thank you for making a difference

The Norris Family

Thank you so much for the $500 check. It is heartwarming to know that there are people who genuinely care and are willing to help when there is a need. I am traveling to the Minneapolis area on May 21st for consultation and get information on the cost for prosthetics on my hands. I have started a special account to raise the funds and your check was the beginning. I appreciate each one of you so much.


Dear Rush for the Causes, how do I thank you all so very much for the generous gift of money to help me with my finances during this cancer. My plan is to beat this hurdle in life! I appreciate what you do for me and others. Keep me posted on your fundraisers.

Pam Brady

To all who made in impact! With sincere gratitude to the outstanding owners of the Rush, to the wonderful people who devote their time to the Rush for the Causes charity, and to the patrons and the donors, who give so selflessly. Thank you all for your generous donation to me, someone none of you have met before or hadn't met before that evening. This true act of kindness has moved me beyond words and will be with me well beyond my days on earth. I bow to you and thank you from my heart!

Shawn Ruess

Thank you so very much for the donation you gave me. It was quite the surprise but greatly appreciated. I am going to use the money to install a walk-in shower which will be a dream come true! Thanks again and may God Bless you.

Mike and Marcia Hoffman

Dear Rush for the Causes Board Members, I am truly humbled by your kind gift of money. You do a tremendous job at making people's lives better. I was amazed at your generosity, not just for me, but for 5 other families. You are angels on Earth. I will be forever grateful and hope sometime I can help your organization at a fundraiser.

 Joyce Schuste

Thank you so much for selecting the family fundraiser event, held for me, as an event you contributed to. I was humbled to get a check from the "Rush for the Causes." Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated.

Kathy Scott

Rush for the Causes board - WOW! Can't thank you enough for your generous assistance during this tough patch of my life. It has already made a difference.

Cindy Heald

During a time like this we realize how much our family and friends really mean to us......... Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered. Thank you for your support!

Connor and Summer

Thank you so much for all that you did for Matt's fundraiser. We are so absolutely thankful for the outpouring of love and support that we have received in the past few months.

Kathy and Matt Gilbride

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the generosity the Rush For A Cause has blessed me with. When first receiving my diagnosis I was very overwhelmed with how was I going to tell my husband, my kids and family? Next was, are we going to be able to afford what is going to be necessary for treatment, even with insurance. The gift I received from the Rush For A Cause has alleviated some of the financial burden, as there have been several trips to Mayo Clinic in Rochester with several more expected to complete treatment. Again, I would like to Thank those on the committee and those who have contributed to The Cause as your gift has made life for our family easier.

Mary Jurgens and Family

To say that our little family has been through quite a lot feels like an understatement. In the fall of 2016, our normally healthy and energetic 3 year old son, Eli, became sick and our world as we knew it turned upside down. He spent almost a month in the hospital while trying to diagnose him and the Doctors couldn’t figure it out until 3 months later. And it was the scariest time of our life. He had Lymphoma and Leukemia. 2017 was spent with intense chemotherapy for him and he truly handled like the strong warrior that he is. The Rush hosted a fundraiser in Eli’s honor during the time we were uncertain what was actually happening to our little boy and provided our family with HOPE and relief. We had so much love and support shown to us. They helped our family financially ~which to a stressed and scared parent is huge! Fast forward to fall 2017, just shy of a year from when Eli became ill, I find a lump. Early thirties, no history of breast cancer in our family and otherwise very healthy, likely nothing to worry about. Biopsy results come back. My doctor calls me in tears and says it’s Breast Cancer. 4 months of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation to beat it. The Rush for The Causes called and asked if they can assist our family again to help get me through treatment, and they gave a check to help us out. To not have to ask for help and to just be given it was amazing! The Rush, The Rush for the Causes, has given our family so much and we will never be able to thank you all enough! You all lifted us up when we have been at our lowest. We have been so humbled by the love and support we have been given and shown. My husband and I look forward to helping others through their low points and battles, as others have helped us. To give Hope is a big deal when your a cancer warrior and The Rush for the Causes gave my son, myself, my husband, our family and friends just that. Thank you!

Kristi Butler

Rush for the Causes, we want to thank you for the donation you gave the kids! We are finding things every day that they need but no longer have. The money is so much more than appreciated! Thank you all very much!

Kristi, Darwin, Darin, Ashton, Mason, and Madelyn

Thank you to the Rush for the Causes and to everyone who helped make this great gift possible! We are blessed to have friends like you who come along side us as partners in our work. Thanks for caring about the Children's Home kids and being an advocate for them.

Children’s Home Society

Rush for the Causes, Thank you! We can't say it enough! We are truly grateful for your recent gift to the Sanford Health Foundation. You make it possible for the patients to experience continued innovation in the highest quality of care. Your support of the Midwest Communications Children's Miracle Network Radiothon for Kids ensures the care and service sick children need are available, close to home, at Sanford's Children's Hospital. Every day we witness the gratitude of the families helped by your generosity, and we extend their thanks to you for making a difference in their lives. Thank you again for your compassion and generosity and for your steadfast commitment to improving health care in your local community.

Sanford Health Foundation

Thank you so much for such a generous and thoughtful gift! Kai and I are extremely grateful to you all. Your dedication and hard work for these causes is very appreciated. Thank you again.

Janelle and Kai Jamtgaard

Thank you so much for all you do for the community and for the gift you gave our family. Nothing will change the struggles but knowing we live in a loving and supporting community makes everyday easier. We truly appreciate the gift and everything you do!

The Magers

We are so thankful and humbled by your generosity. Words will never express enough how we feel about your taking the time to let Sarah know of this amazing gift you are doing. We are truly blessed by your gift so we can all be together for Christmas at Mayo.

Chad and Kari Shields and family

Love this bar. Friendly people and their food is awesome!

Michael Dahl  | Facebook Review